Sunsets and Cocktails

A Well-timed Tipple of choice

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Sunsets & Cocktails

It’s a recipe that never fails. Find the perfect place to watch the dusk skies change colour with every imaginable shade of red, orange and purple, order your favourite tipple on the side and you have a timeless pairing. At Buena Vista we have both, and the right cocktail enjoyed in our lagoon overwater setting might just make your toes begin to tap on our transparent dance floor too!

Shimmer, Shake and Savour.

At Carpe Diem Beach Resort & Spa there is no shortage of vantage points to take in the shimmering clear water with Maldivian sunsets and spectacular scenery, though some locations are more suited for panoramic vistas than others.

At the very end of our lagoon boardwalk, Buena Vista offers stunning views to a seemingly endless horizon. Cozy up on the deck, order your favourite social drinks and snacks to enjoy as you watch the water dazzle in the afternoon glow.

Whether you are looking for a refreshing afternoon pick-me-up, a pre-dinner or a post-dinner smooth drink, or for late-night lounging with friends, our range of Dallmayr Coffee Cocktails and Mocktails see a humble Colombian coffee bean transformed into a your new favourite cocktail to the soundtrack of Latino music.

The very best coffee cocktails.

For coffee lovers, these dreamy caffeine-injected cocktails and mocktails provide more ways than one to enjoy that irresistible bean. Balanced with creamy liqueurs, spicy ginger beer and rich, toasted meringue, they're cocktails perfect for a special occasion. Enjoy them in the light of the setting sun or the shimmer of moon rays over the lagoon, then try them again at home with these recipes straight from the bars at Carpe Diem Beach Resort & Spa.

The coffee connoisseurs at Dallmayr have breathed new life into tried and tested cocktails with a menu designs to pair perfectly with warm weather and great company. Tempt yourself with one of their layered cocktails containing coffee ice cubes, slowly releasing the flavour and keeping it cool. Unlike any normal ice cube, the resulting flavour isn’t diluted, but intensified - if you manage to savour it that long!

Here are some house favourites we've been trying out for you:

Oriental Sunshine Mixed spices with the freshness of the orange
Nut-a-vaganza Chilled espresso with almond and pistachio cream
Golden Sunset Café Créme with honey, cinnamon and whipped cream
Galliano Hot Shot Galliano, espresso, and cream