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Welcome to Quo Spa where we encourage you to “Seize the Day”. A place where you can shed layers and discover your truth. Quo Spa is a hub for the ultimate experience where you will be guided to release your inhibitions, try something new, challenge yourself and discover your hidden energy. Be in the now. Reconnect with yourself in your current stage in life.

Helping you to live a life that is striking, dynamic and remarkably versatile, our range of Hammam and bespoke treatments complement aerial yoga, chromotherapy and a relaxation area bring you to a spa with hints of transformational experiences, addressing life’s ebbs and flows and guiding you to future health possibilities.

Share the journey with your friends, or embark on a new healthy you alone. Go beyond your current status quo.

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Our secrets to
unlocking your energy

Three journeys have been created to nurture, challenge and encourage your personal growth. Each one is an experience and specially tailored to return you to yourself and to identify new and better things. Enjoy in the comfort and privacy of your own treatment room, or share the experience with your partner, friend or family member in our deluxe treatment suite.

  1. Expertise

    When you are in need of someone to take over and guide you, allow yourself to be looked after and pampered. With our expert therapists your body and soul will be nourished and nurtured. Relax and feel your stress and anxieties melt away with every minute at Quo.

  2. Discovery

    Shake off lethargy and tiredness, take advantage of your time with us to challenge yourself by pushing your limits, explore your possibilities. Learn something new about yourself and inspire the change you seek. Find a new level of energy and rebalance your status quo.

  3. Adventure

    Take time for yourself, or share your new health journey with friends, family or loved ones. Let your new adventure begin as you try out a bodywork experience like no other, combining the ancient, sacred space of the hammam.

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EXPERTISE Indulge in a healing steam bath or enjoy a soothing massage by our experienced masseurs. ESSENTIALS Body treatments supporting you every step of the way. DISCOVERY Good for the mind, good for the body Find your confident self

Hammam Firming Ritual

Exfoliate, soften and restore the skin’s firmness using natural mineral peeling mud.


$ 265

Evening Primrose Nourishing Wrap

Stimulate cell renewal while cocooned in richly nourishing and moisturising ingredients.


$ 170

Divers Treat

Meticulously selected techniques applied as per your pressure preference that works on specific aches, with your choice of therapeutic aromatherapy blend to restore balance.


$ 195

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Early Bird Savings

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Stay More Nights

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