Seven Sustainable Wonders

Initiatives we engage to protect our oceans

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Seven Sustainable Wonders
at Carpe Diem Beach Resort & Spa

We searched far and wide for sustainable solutions as we created our resort. We didn't have plastic straws to ditch, for example, but we could bring lime-flavoured edible straws to our island.

Follow our facebook page over the coming months as we reveal our partners one-by-one in the lead up to our Grand Opening on September 1st.

Striving to protect our oceans from debris and harmful substances, we strive to do whatever we can, wherever possible and within reason to operate as sustainably as possible. With our edible straws, ocean-friendly sunblock lotion to flip flops made from recycled rubber, you can book your stay with us knowing we care for the environment. Experience for yourself the seven sustainable wonders at Carpe Diem Beach Resort & Spa.

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Seven Sustainable

1) Recycled bottles.
At Carpe Diem Beach Resort & Spa we value the earth's resources and endeavour to demonstrate environmental sensitivity wherever possible.

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Stay Hydrated - Drink Me!

We endeavour to reduce waste as much as possible. To this end, we purify and bottle our own drinking water for each villa.

Our custom-made recycled glass bottles are re-useable and saves us from disposing of around 200,000 plastic bottles every year.
Join us as we protect the rich marine ecology of The Maldives.

2) Organic bathroom amenities
We are surrounded by the beauty and power of nature. That’s why we partnered with Siam Botanicals, an honest brand of natural face care, skincare and personal care products for our villa bathroom amenities. They also make a conscious effort to keep our packaging simple to minimise our impact on the planet.

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Our villa bathroom amenities are 100% natural organic products from Siam Botanicals, one of our specially selected sustainability partners.
"We simply believe that natural skincare products are best, not only because they don’t contain artificial chemicals but, even more importantly, because they do contain botanical ingredients that offer benefits not found in synthetic alternatives." -- Siam Botanicals

We care about our ocean and choose our partners with the same dedication to preserving our environment.

3) Eco-compatible Sunscreen
Recent studies that link the active ingredients in protecting skin from damaging ultraviolet rays to coral bleaching has led to a global push for more reef-safe sunscreens. AETHIC Sôvée is the world's first marine positive certified patented ecocompatible sunscreen to protect skin better and leave marine life intact.

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Our healthy house reef is home to 98 species of coral that provide a vital home and thriving environment for over 218 species of fish. We're doing everything in our power to protect, nurture and promote this reef's existence. One action is to reduce harmful substances that come into contact with our reef...and that includes commonly used sunscreen.

Recent research has identified a common chemical found in many household sunscreen lotions to be highly toxic to juvenile corals and other marine life. Tests in 2016 detected traces of Oxybenzone, or BP-3, in more than 3,500 skin care products worldwide for protection against the sun's harmful effects. The compound was then further researched and found entering the environment both through wastewater effluent and directly from swimmers wearing sunscreens.

With a pristine lagoon and reef on our doorstep, we're starting as we mean to go on. Our Villa amenities include a complimentary dispenser of ecocompatible Aethic sunscreen, which is also sold in our resort boutique. This enables our guests to leave their potential ocean harming sunscreen at home and never worry about sunburn. In the same measure, they can feel good about not harming our turtles, fish and corals.

4) LOLISTRAW - Edible lime-flavoured straws
As a new resort, we never had plastic straws to ditch. But we could bring the world’s first hyper-compostable and edible straw to The Maldives. Changing the face of disposables so that you can actually eat them instead of throwing them away, with a LOLISTRAW even the marine life will thank you!

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Innovative LOLIWARE products mean that the future of the straw quite literally disappears! No more floating debris or eyesore on the waterscape. Made with seaweed-based material technology the LOLISTRAW is 100% marine-degradable, non-gmo, and hyper-compostable. It biodegrades at the same rate as food waste, unlike other bioplastics such as PLA, which actually contribute to the ocean pollution crisis and are often considered “contaminants” in composting facilities.

Infused with flavour or nutritional benefit at Carpe Diem Beach Resort & Spa LOLISTRAW refeshes your coconut with an edible lime-flavoured straw and adds to your glass of H2o with ice and side serving of lime in the shape of a straw!

How? Chelsea Briganti and Leigh Ann Tucker set out to change the world of sustainable product design when they co-founded LOLIWARE in 2014. Prior to launching LOLIWARE, the duo designed breakthrough innovations for global CPG companies. This experience led them to question the concept that all products should be ‘built to last’ and the status quo of manufacturing single-use items to last well beyond their useful life. As a result, LOLIWARE has developed sustainable solutions which are leading product design for single-use disposable items away from the ‘built to last’ philosophy and towards a new philosophy of ‘designed to disappear’.

how you
can help

Make a conscious choice for sustainable products and get involved as a volunteer for reef conservation projects.

At Carpe Diem Maldives we host marine expeditions on our cruises under our Dive with a Purpose programme. Visiting marine biologists join the cruises for 7 days with a specific goal of tracking megafauna for research purposes, documenting corals and marine life for scientific and reference materials, as well as hands on coral reef conservation and cleaning projects. If you have an avid interest in doing more for the oceans, our Dive with a Purpose trips run in May, July and September.

Dive with a Purpose

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